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Job Description

Hoist Operator Job Description and Duties

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Responsible to conduct and document thorough work place examinations.
  • Responsible for the safe operation and care of hoisting machinery to raise and lower cages , skips and miners.
  • Responsible for receiving and giving clear communication Written, verbal, bell signals.
  • Responsible for inspecting and testing hoisting machinery and completing documentation of inspections and testing.
  • Moves levers and pedals to operate hoist in response to arm, bell, or buzzer signals.
  • Observes dial indicator and marks on cable or drum to ascertain that desired position has been reached
  • Applies hand or foot brake and moves levers to operate hoist controls.
  • Inspects, lubricates, and adjusts brakes and equipment.
  • Assist in emergency response communications.
  • Monitor cameras, gas detection equipment.
  • Other Duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to

  • Pass a Hoist operators Exam and present a Hoist operators Physical Fitness Certificate
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds infrequently
  • Sitting at hoist station 90% of the time
  • Reaching to pull levers frequently from sitting and Standing position (50%)
  • Bending and stooping frequently from sitting and standing position (50%)
  • Climb Stairs frequently.
  • Climb ladders in frequently

Work Schedule

  • Day, Swing Graveyard and Night shifts 8, 10 and 12 hour shifts or as assigned by supervisor.
  • Overtime as required by supervisor.
  • Subject to Call out and Holiday work as directed by supervisor.
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