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Maclean Bolter – Musselwhite Labour Contract (2018-2928)

n RedPathn  Anywhere 2 Feb 2018

Job Description

Location                                          Musselwhite, Ontario

Rotation                                          14 days on, 14 days off

Shift Length                                    11 hours

Travel                                              Flight from airport closest to point of hire to Thunder Bay – Chartered flight to site

Accommodations                          Camp setting

Pre-employment requirements    Drug test, Ontario Common Core Module U0018 or FMTM equivalent                                       

Compensation                               J.S. Redpath Limited offers a comprehensive wage and benefit package




Ontario Hard Rock Underground Common Core - Full Basic or FMTM - Full Basic
2+ years of experience mechanized bolting
Ontario Hard Rock Underground Common Core - U0018 Operate Mechanized Rock Bolter


Job Description

The primary role of Bolter is to inspect existing underground headings, scale loose rocks and install ground support to stabilize rock mass and ensure safety. The tasks may involve the operation of scaling bars, pneumatic hand-held drills, use of rubber-tired underground mobile equipment such as LHD (Load-Haul-Dump) units, mechanized bolters, scissor trucks, shotcrete sprayers and other support vehicles in a confined environment.  Other tasks associated to this position may include, but not limited to, the installation of vent tubing and mine services (air, water and pumping lines), minor construction work and other heading maintenance jobs.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Comply with all Redpath and Owners safety regulations and procedures.
  • Identify unsafe conditions in underground headings - high level of alertness required.
  • Scale back and walls as required to make the workplace safe.
  • Drill holes using hand-held pneumatic drills or drill-boom mounted on bolter.
  • Insert rock bolt following approved method of installation.
  • Install other ground support components as required such as welded wire mesh and shotcrete.
  • Install or fix existing mines services such as vent tubing and pipes using various lifting equipment such as scissor trucks, chain blocks and hand tools.
  • Operate large mobile equipment such as 3.5 yard and 8 yard low profile front end loader (Scooptram) and scissor lift (manlift);
  • Receive instructions or directives from Shift Supervisors and Captain to coordinate day to day ground control requirements;
  • Assess all excavations and install ground support in development or reconditioned areas as per plan and section as the development progresses;
  • Keep track of all advances and communicate to supervisors and cross shifts footages and volumes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis;
  • Provide labour and ground control expertise as required.


Health and Safety:

  • Having the authority and responsibility to maintain a safe and efficient working environment

  • Following Company health and safety standards and reporting any unsafe acts or conditions to Supervisor

  • Responsible for the use of all safety equipment, i.e. Lanyards, warning signs and labeling, according to company rules and applicable legislation.

  • Responsible to ensure proper use of personal protective equipment.

  • Must have knowledge of the WHMIS legislation and know how to effectively use an MSDS sheet.


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